Treatment Options for Missing All Your Teeth

Missing all your teeth?

4 treatment options for people who are missing all their teeth

Today, missing all your teeth does not have to mean wearing dentures. While dentures may be one solution, over time fit and function issues can arise due to bone changes under the gumline. read more

Missing All Your Teeth?

Missing All Your Teeth?

Wondering what to do?

Having no teeth may be embarrassing, but there are other impacts as well. While our teeth do contribute a lot to our appearance, we also need them for some pretty basic functions, such as: read more

Treatment Options for Missing Some Teeth

Solutions for Missing Teeth

Missing some teeth?

Let’s talk about treatment options.

If you are missing some teeth, we strongly recommend you consider replacing them. Why? We think missing teeth should be considered a disability. The primary problem with missing teeth is they make chewing more difficult. Additional issues are: read more

Missing Some Teeth?

Missing Some Teeth?

Missing teeth are perhaps a more serious issue than you may think.

If you are missing one or more teeth, especially if they are in less noticeable places like the back of your mouth, you may not consider them an issue. read more