If you are suffering from pain, discomfort or swelling, you have a dental emergency

pain, discomfort or swelling

Pain, discomfort or swelling are responses your body has when something is wrong. Aside from being uncomfortable, or worse in a lot of pain, this is a sign that you need to act quickly.  In terms of your teeth, gums and mouth, these symptoms could be the signal that:

  • You have an infection or an abscess.
  • Gum disease or tooth decay is present.
  • A tooth has cracked or broken, or a filling has been lost.

All of these problems can have a big impact on your oral and general health. Left untreated, they can lead to the loss of your teeth or the infection spreading which can cause even bigger issues. These symptoms are unlikely to improve without care.  

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The first step to discover what’s causing the problem is a dental exam. The dentist has the skill, knowledge and expertise to diagnose what is causing your issue.  Once Dr. Sandhu or Dr Saby has determined what’s behind your pain, discomfort or swelling, he’ll be able to embark on a treatment plan to resolve your problem. At this time he will discuss your options and together you can determine the best treatment available for your personal situation. Alleviate your pain, discomfort or swelling by visiting the dentist now.

pain, discomfort or swelling Red Deer

Keep your teeth for life

Losing teeth is not an inevitable part of the aging process. Scheduling regular dental care is the key to good oral health. It is equally important to get timely treatment when dental issues arise which will help you keep your natural teeth for as long as possible – the best scenario for good oral health.

red deer pain, discomfort or swelling

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