Genetics and Dentistry: A Red Deer Patient’s Answer to Hereditary Dental Issues

As humans, we all tend to rely heavily on cause and effect. If such-and-such happened, it is because this person, situation, or action caused it to happen. We use this type of reasoning in nearly every aspect of our lives, including our physical and dental health. At Saby Dental—your Red Deer dentist office—we see this all the time with dental issues. read more

A New Year, A New Smile: Your 2017 Smile Improvement in Red Deer

The New Year is right around the corner. This time of year has us thinking about what we’ve been able to achieve this year, and what we hope to achieve in the next. How about you? Are you starting to write out your New Year’s resolutions? Many people wait until January 1st to think about what they want their New Year to look like, but a lot of successful people are encouraging others to start thinking about this important topic right now. We couldn’t agree more, particularly when it comes to improving your smile.. read more

Gift yourself a new smile this holiday season: Dental Bonding in Red Deer

Tis the season for smiles and parties. Around this time of the year, many patients would love to change the way their teeth look with a new smile. But there are some things that hold a lot of them back from scheduling their appointments. Patients are concerned about cost, invasiveness, convenience, and the possibility of experiencing pain. What if we were to tell you that there is a procedure that can address all of these concerns and give you the smile you’ve always wanted? read more

3 Reasons Why You May Need to Replace Your Partial and Complete Dentures

Like a faithful car, a favorite pair of shoes, or the best hair drier in the world—everything in life wears out eventually. It’s a sad but true fact that nothing lasts forever, including partial and complete dentures. Unfortunately, there are many people who are under the misconception that dentures are supposed to somehow last forever. Therefore, when their dentures wear out, hearing that they need to be replaced is not news they receive well. read more

Dental Implants vs. Dentures: Making an Informed Decision

Tooth loss can be seen as a traumatic event impacting one’s appearance, self-confidence and overall quality of life.  When teeth are lost there is a profound feeling of loss.  Tooth loss can be linked to various causes, including tooth fracture, decay, gum disease and trauma. read more